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​ The Perfect Finish: How to Seamlessly Install Your Paneling

May 9th 2018

You’ve selected the perfect paneling, you placed your order, and now it’s sitting in your home, ready for installation. One of the benefits of faux stone, brick and wood paneling is how easy it is to install. Even homeowners who have never taken on any DIY projects find that they can install their paneling in just hours. It’s really that easy! However, if you’re new to paneling, the idea of installation can be a little overwhelming at first. With these easy tips, you’ll be installing your product like a pro in no time at all.

Store Your Panels Flat

It’s important to store your panels flat to avoid warping. If you’re reading this a little too late and you find that your panels are warped, don’t worry! Simply lay them flat, wait and they will correct themselves.

Allow Your Panels to Cool Off

If your panels have been stored in a hot environment, you’ll want to make sure that they cool down before installation. This step is easy. Simply bring your paneling into the room where it’s going to be installed and allow to cool for 24 hours. If your panels have been stored indoors in a cooler environment, there’s no need to wait for installation.

Make Sure Your Panels Are Clean

Make sure that each panel is free of dirt, dust and debris before installing. If not, wipe with a cloth before applying adhesive. You want to make sure that you get a strong bond when installing, so making sure the back of each panel is clean is a must.

Install Panels as Tightly as Possible

Ensure that each panel is installed as tightly as possible to prevent gaps and seams. Interlocking paneling is often the best to work with for a completely seamless look.

Have Gaps? There’s a Product for That

If you install your panels and find that there is a gap, this can be easily filled with wood filler or painter’s caulk. This is an ideal solution for gaps around windows, doors and fireplaces.

Use the Right Adhesive for the Job

Your paneling can easily last for many years and doesn’t require much care or maintenance other than dusting and an occasional wipe-down. However, improperly installed paneling can be a problem in the future. By following all of the steps and using a quality adhesive like PL Premium, your panels will look great for years to come.

Hold the Panels in Place After Applying Adhesive

As you install each panel, make sure that you hold it in place to allow the adhesive to cure. This will give your panel the strong bond it needs to stay in place for years. After curing, use screws or nails to further affix the panel to your wall or surface.

How to Conceal Screw Holes

You want your paneling to look perfect, and unsightly screw holes may ruin the aesthetic you hope to achieve. You can conceal these holes using a matching caulk, wood filler or stain.

When installing your panels, make sure that you take your time to do the job properly. Before starting, make sure that you’ve gathered all of your supplies and materials so you can don’t have to stop in the middle of the job. By being prepared and knowing these basic steps before starting, you’ll be able to install your panel like a pro in no time.