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Product Spot Light - Fireplace Surround

Product Spot Light - Fireplace Surround

Feb 18th 2019

Max, was tired of his older outdated fireplace surround and knew a change was needed.  Below are photos a description of his project. Max used the Raised Grain (STB) Faux Wood Panel for his project. Way to go Max!!! Great job transforming your living room.

I got tired of the same old view in my living room and got a wild hair.  Myself and my wife loved it on first sight.

The pictures below show the beginning location. It had a wood top and mantel around the gas fire insert. I took it all off and tore out all the sheet rock and tile. 

I then built a wall above the fireplace. I moved electrical wiring, tv cable and Cat 5 cable. I replaced the sheet rock with 1/4 inch plywood. I used 1 inch sheet rock screws to mount the plywood. 

Finally it was time to add my Shiplap. First I measured my wall and cut all my product and did a dry fit to make sure it would all line up. I used a table saw with a 60 teeth blade to make my cuts and trim my pieces so they fit like a glove.

After the pre-fit, I took it all down and laid it out in the living room floor to make sure it went up correctly.

Before the final install, I sprayed Black paint around the fire box to fill any gaps that might be seen on the side of the fire box.

Due to the design of the slabs, you have to start on the right side of the fire box. By completing the right side, I was ready to move on to the bottom left side. 

Now it’s hammer time. I used the PL Premium adhesive that is recommended. That is some really good glue. 

I then applied my glue and added my product to the wall. I used a torpedo level to keep the first side pieces level and screwed them up while pressing the board against the plywood wall. 

After I put up all my Shiplap, I put on my plug covers and added my mantel. I centered my TV and Done. 

I’m not a carpenter, I am a Paramedic. I YouTubed how to put this stuff up and the rest is history. 

Now I have a beautiful Wall that anyone can build. Total build time was 16 hours.

Thanks for such a great product!