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Selecting Your Perfect Paneling

Jun 22nd 2018

You’ve decided to update a room in your home, and you’ve set your sights on faux wood, stone or brick paneling. First off, you’re making a great choice! Paneling is a very cost-efficient way to remodel your home without making a mess of your home, having to take the time to hire a contractor, and of course, spending thousands of dollars to get the job done. Once you’ve decided on paneling because of the many benefits it offers, the next step is choosing the right type of paneling for your home.

One of the things that’s so great about paneling is that you have so many choices. Love the look of exposed brick? There’s paneling for that. Is stone the perfect option for you? Skip the messy mortar and grout and get the same look for less with paneling. Or perhaps traditional wood is right for you. However, you still have different styles and colors to choose from. While having so many choices is great, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Before diving into the many choices that paneling has to offer, keep these tips in mind to choose your perfect paneling.

Small Room? Choose Lighter Colors

If you plan to install paneling in a smaller room like a bathroom or guest bedroom, keep in mind that darker colors on your walls can make the room appear much smaller. Darker colors are best reserved for larger open spaces like dens, master bedrooms, and living rooms. If you have your heart set on a darker shade, consider using paneling to create an accent wall so the room doesn’t appear too closed in.

Consider the Other Items in Your Room

If you don’t plan on changing up paint colors, wood trims, doors, and furnishings, take a look at what you have now. If you do plan on making these changes, consider the items that you have or plan to purchase. You want to make sure that your paneling complements the other items in your room. If, for example, you have dark wood beams and furniture and you want to use a wood paneling, consider choosing a color that is a close match. You want your paneling to enhance the room, not clash with your other belongings and décor.

Take a Look at Your Personal Style

Sure, you may love the way that trendy brick paneling looks when viewing it on your computer screen, but ask yourself if it really matches your style? While you may love the way it looks in pictures or in other homes, if it’s not really your style, it may not be a perfect match. If, for example, you like a clean, modern look, you probably won’t love rustic wood paneling, no matter how great it looks in that interior design magazine.

Location, Location, Location

You probably spent a lot of time finding the perfect location of your home, then spent more time making sure your furnishings, pictures, and other personal items were placed in the right location. For paneling, not only do you need to consider what room and what walls will have paneling installed, but you need to make sure that you’ve picked the correct paneling for your installation. For example, if you plan to install your paneling outdoors, it needs to be rated for outdoor use.

By considering paneling, you’ve already taken the first step to updating and improving your home. However, the next step—deciding what paneling is right for you—is an important one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Take your time, look through your choices carefully, and plan ahead to ensure that you purchase paneling that you can enjoy for years to come.