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Installation Instructions

Artificial Stone Panel Interlocking

Stone and Brick Paneling Installation Instructions:


Storage Panels:

  • Superior panel should be climatized for 24 hours prior to installing. If the panels have been stored in a cool climate, they can be installed immediately.

  • Superior panels should be stored flat to prevent bowing. If in the unlikely event bowing occurs, place the panels flat and they will self-correct.

Installing Panels:

  • The panels should be installed from the bottom corner in a straight line. Each panel should be pressed firmly and tightly against one another for best results. It is very important that the first role of panels is level and straight for best outcomes.  If the floor is not perfectly straight, the bottom of the panel may need to be slightly trimmed to ensure a straight and level installation.

  • Due to the panels being highly textured, it is recommended that all measurements be marked and cut on the flat backside of the panel. 

  • Superior Panels interlock at each end and along the top / bottom of the panel. This helps to provide a seamless look. In many cases, the first panel must have one side of the “fingers” trimmed off to create a straight edge.
    • The top of the panel has a horizontal protruding lip.
  • Panels should be installed onto a clean flat surface.

  • Apply a generous amount of construction adhesive to each panel. We recommend PL Premium or Enerfoam as the adhesive of choice. Press the panel firmly onto the mounting service and screw or nail the panel into place.
    • We recommend using TapCon screws if install into concrete block.

  • Screws / nails should be installed along the tongue among other unnoticeable places. If you need to further conceal a whole, simply apply a little woof filler to the screw whole and once dry apply a little touch up.

  • Once the first panel is in place, repeat the procedure above ensuring that each panel fits tightly and straight against one another.

  • Panels can be mitered on a table saw, we recommend using a blade with 80 teeth or greater when using a circular saw to cut the panels.
    • Universal trim (Inside and outside corners, trim seals, electrical outlet covers) pieces are also available for purchase.


 Touch Up Instructions:

  • If needed, fill screw/nail holes, miter joints or other openings with wood filler or Bondo. Allow for the wood filler or Bondo to completely dry before moving to the next step.
  •  The color of your panels will determine the number of touch-up bottles you receive in the touch up kit. Some of the paint bottles received may not be needed during your repair.

  • To achieve a proper color match, ensure that the paint container lids are sealed and shake thoroughly.

  • Using a brush, apply the appropriate touch-up paint to the area of the panel needed to be touched up. Let it sit for 20 seconds.

  • After 20 seconds, wipe lightly with a rag until you achieve the desired effect. Allow the paint to completely dry. This is a water-based paint and dry time can differ based on temperature and air flow.

 Tips to keep in mind:

  • Do not apply over existing paint, only area that needs to be touched up as this can cause the area to darken.


  • Make sure your brush is clean and dry when switching between different paints to avoid contamination.

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy your creation!